Can I directly contact the people listed in the database?

Yes, that's possible. You can also invite relevant candidates to apply to your company, or add a candidate to your talent pool for future vacancies.

Can I work with colleagues from the sector to start a community about for example, SWIFT, new regulations, IT systems?

Yes, that's possible. The community can chat with other people in the industry on various work-related topics.

Can I as a candidate also attach an assessment for inspection?

Yes, that can.

Can I also place vacancies or interim assignment abroad on BankBook?

Yes, that can.

Hoe exactly doe BankBook Borrowing & Lending work?

A company can decide to temporarily lend out an employee to another company because:

  • A company wants to keep its talented employees and motivate them by giving them the opportunity to look at the outside world and gain new experiences.
  • The employees experience is temporarily not required.
  • This may well be the future where companies make themselves more flexible and not get stuck with permanent employees.

What are the advantages of BankBook Borrowing & Lending for the lender?

  • You offer your employees the opportunity to gain experience elsewhere.
  • Employees remain motivated because they are “found” by customers.
  • You mobilise your professionals and makes them broadly employable.
  • Your fixed costs are covered by the compensation from the hirer resulting in a budget for innovative projects.
  • You have very little administrative activity.

What are the advantages of BankBook Borrowing & Lending for the client?

  • You temporarily hire in the expertise of experienced professionals from the same sector.
  • You hire at a cost (salary of the employee) plus administrative uplift which is significantly lower than hiring through an employment agency.
  • You have very little administrative activity.
  • No risks with the DBA law.

How can I contact a candidate?

After you register, you can use the activation button to borrow people from another organisation. The request is sent to the candidate's employer.

Can I search for a specific competency?

Yes, that's possible. In BankBook, the most demanded certifications and training are included which can then be selected by the professionals. They can supplement this with specific knowledge and experience. From the "Search for employees" screen, you can specify a specific query.

Can I participate directly in BankBook?

You first need to log in to use BankBook. Then you can place candidates and search for all available candidates.

How are the contracts handled?

If you want to borrow or lend a candidate BankBook manages all contracts. The employee remains employed by his or her original employer and works on a project basis with the client. You will not be bothered with the paperwork. The Lender will receive the cost of the employee based on the hours worked and the hirer pays the cost plus administrative costs

What are the costs of using BankBook?

The participating companies and organisations do not pay connection fees for using BankBook.

Can I offer employment to a hired candidate?

Yes, it is possible to take over a hired candidate.

You must login to post jobs, manage candidates, or to search in detail for available candidates.